Vivaldi Community

Restore the Community Speed Dial GIF

When you first start using Vivaldi, you’ll find a link to the Vivaldi Community in the Speed Dial by default. The thumbnail for the link is a slick animated GIF we’ve created to make it easy for you to find your way back to the Vivaldi Forum, Blogs and Webmail which are found at Updating Speed Dial […]

Forgotten account credentials

We’ve all been there. If your username or password need to be recovered (or you don’t have access to the recovery email account you provided when you signed up), use these links to get back into your Vivaldi account: Forgotten password – Recover it now Forgotten username – Recover it here Don’t have access to […]

Creating a new account

Creating an account on gives you access to a whole whack of Vivaldi services including: Webmail. Free webmail account (e.g. [email protected]) with calendar and contacts management. Vivaldi Forum. Chat about Vivaldi’s development, vote on upcoming features and leave your feedback. Blogs. Create your own blog and publish your articles for free to the whole […]

Delete account on

Your account on gives you access to: sync functionality (coming soon) Currently you can’t delete your account yourself so we kindly ask you to drop us a message on sharing your username and email address so that we can do it for you. We hope to change that soon and will update […]