Access Vivaldi Settings Windows and Linux: menu item Tools > Settings or the keyboard shortcut Alt P  Mac OS X: menu item Vivaldi > Preferences or the keyboard shortcut ⌘ , Settings are divided into sections. It is possible to display all settings at once by choosing Display All section located at the bottom of the list. […]


What is an Extension An extension is a small software program that can be installed to give added functionality to the Vivaldi browser. Extensions allow you to further customise and enhance your usage of the browser and range from social media tools to privacy-related features such as ad-blocking. Extensions in Vivaldi Although Vivaldi aims to […]


Search the web Type the search term in the address field or the search field next to it. The search field can be disabled in Settings. Search from address field can be disabled in Settings as well. How do I change the search engine? Switch between search engines by clicking the magnifying glass button in […]

Starting Vivaldi

Startup options for Vivaldi are configured in Settings > Startup > Startup with section. For example, start Vivaldi with: Tabs and windows that were open last time Vivaldi exited Homepage Start Page Pages configured under Specific Pages option