How To

Update Vivaldi

It’s always good to keep your browser up to date in order to enjoy the newest features and get the latest bug fixes and security updates. Here’s how to update your Vivaldi browser Windows Update notification will let you know, when a new version of Vivaldi has been released. Click on it to view the […]

Report crashes on macOS

What is a crash? A “crash” occurs when Vivaldi encounters an unrecoverable error and shuts down unexpectedly. Information pertaining to the crash is logged by macOS. Crash logs are not sent back to us automatically. However, you can create a bug report and forward us a copy of the crash log manually, should you wish […]

Report playing video or audio issue with Mac

When reporting a media issue on MacOS, in addition to describing what is happening and where, we need more information to be able to follow up with it. Please visit the following site, copy paste its content and share it with us: GPU: vivaldi://gpu And could you visit the following links and tell us which […]

Report spammers, phishing and other scams

In order to block spammers and other scams, we’ll need a copy of the email header you received. There are two ways you can find this: 1. Using source code – Open the email; – Click on More button on the top horizontal menu; – Select Show source; – Copy the content in the new […]

Manual setup of the Vivaldi Linux repositories

After downloading a Linux package and installing it our Linux update repositories should be configured automatically for you to receive updates. However, if you wish you can pre-configure the repositories first and install Vivaldi from there. The following is a quick guide. Select your Linux distribution (below). Start a “Terminal” and paste in the commands […]

Install Linux snapshots on non-DEB/RPM distributions

If no snapshot package is provided for your Linux distribution, you can use the Linux snapshot installer script. The install script is signed with the same key used by the Vivaldi Linux packages, should you need to verify that your local copy is an official version. Open a Terminal in the directory where you saved […]

Report a bug in Vivaldi

In this article we’ve put together some guidelines that will help you write a good bug report. A good bug report will help our developers reproduce and fix the bug. Before reporting a bug Before you report a bug, please check the forum. Well-known bugs, updates and temporary workarounds are often discussed there. Also, some bugs […]

Report crashes on Windows

Following a crash, a crash log (“.dmp” file) is created. Crash logs are not sent back to us automatically. You can however create a bug report and forward us a copy of the crash log manually, should you wish to assist us in fixing the issues. Such logs are greatly appreciated, as they provide information […]

Raspberry Pi -Tips for running Vivaldi

The latest stable Vivaldi for ARM (32bit with hardware floating point) can found here: Below are some tips to make the most of it. Installing Vivaldi for ARM on non-Debian based distros Use “” : sh –final (more info) Widevine and Flash If you need to access websites using Encrypted Media Extensions (.e.g. Spotify) […]

Standalone version of Vivaldi

In this article we will tell you about the Vivaldi standalone version and how to install it on Windows update it and uninstall it. Standalone version of Vivaldi A standalone version can be used for testing a specific setup or version, without touching the system wide settings (profile). It can also be used to create a […]