Mouse & Keyboard

Spatial Navigation

Spatial Navigation allows you to browse through websites using only the keyboard. Navigating websites Hold down the Shift key and use the arrow keys to move from one link on the page to another. When focused, press Enter to go to the link or press Ctrl + Enter to open the link in a new […]

Webpage Access Key Shortcuts

Access Keys are a way to access key functionality of a web page through keyboard shortcuts. Each website can define these shortcuts, so that the website is easily accessible from a browser. To view the available shortcuts, either: Open Quick Commands and start typing “Show Webpage Access Key Shortcuts”; Apply Inline Access Keys Page Action from […]

Create mouse gesture for a command

In this tutorial we show you how to customise a Mouse Gesture for a command in Vivaldi. First go to Vivaldi settings and mouse menu. Click on the plus – below gesture mapping box – and select for example “Quick commands”. Then click on the button “next” and the square – next to gesture mapping […]

Quick Commands

Control everything in your browser from one place – your keyboard. Without leaving the keyboard, the Quick Commands menu lets you: navigate to open Tabs, reopen Closed Tabs, open Bookmarks, create Notes, find suggested Search terms search browsing History, filter a list of available commands in Vivaldi, apply Page Action filters, do simple calculations (after […]

Mouse Gestures

Mouse Gestures let you speed up navigation and perform useful actions with quick movements of the mouse. You can edit existing gestures and add your own to match your browsing style. Read on to find out more. Enable gestures Perform a gesture Default gestures Make your own gesture Edit gestures Gesture sensitivity Rocker gestures Enabling […]

Keyboard Shortcuts

Most things can be done in Vivaldi with the keyboard alone, such as opening, closing and switching Tabs, toggling the visibility of UI elements and creating Notes. Adding or editing shortcuts Go to Settings > Keyboard to start adding or editing shortcuts. Delete a keyboard shortcut hover the mouse cursor over the shortcut and click […]