Mouse & Keyboard

Create mouse gesture for a command

In this tutorial we show you how to customise a mouse gesture for a command in Vivaldi. First go to Vivaldi settings and mouse menu. Click on the plus – below gesture mapping box – and select for example “Quick commands”. Then click on the button “next” and the square – next to gesture mapping […]

Quick Commands

Control everything in your browser from one place – your keyboard. Open Quick Commands by pressing F2 / ⌘ E. Enter text to search for terms, filter list of commands allowing to navigate webpages and interact with Vivaldi interface, and access bookmarks and history. Use ↓ ↑ arrow keys to navigate list of filtered commands. Press […]

Mouse Gestures

Issue commands using your mouse or touchpad. Enable Gestures To enable gestures, go to Settings / Preferences > Mouse, then check Allow Gestures option. You may also perform gestures using different input device, such as trackpad. To do so, check Perform Gestures with ALT Key option. Perform a mouse gesture Press and hold right mouse […]

Keyboard Shortcuts

Most things can be done in Vivaldi with the keyboard alone, such as creating windows, tabs and Notes. Adding or editing shortcuts Go to Settings > Keyboard to start adding or editing shortcuts. Delete a keyboard shortcut using the (x) Delete button to the right of the input field. To edit a shortcut, place the […]