Other Features

Troubleshoot Sync issues

Having trouble syncing your data? If you’ve entered your credentials and hit ‘Start Sync’ but the browser is not able to connect, the browser will continually attempt to connect to Vivaldi’s sync servers. If it has not been able to establish a connection for more than 6 hours, please submit a bug report with the […]


With the synchronization function you can synchronize your Vivaldi browser data across multiple computers. Continue reading to learn how to: Get started; Sync your browser data; Connect another device; Stop syncing; Delete your browser data. And what to do, when you want to change or reset your: Login password; Encryption password. We’ve also listed some […]

Image Properties

The built-in Image Properties feature lets you find all the information you need about an image right in the browser. View Image Properties Available information Copy data to clipboard View Image Properties Right-clicking an image on a webpage. Select Image Properties from the drop-down menu. Image Properties view will open in a new tab. Available […]

Reader View

Vivaldi’s Reader View lets you cut through the noise as you browse. No ads, no pop-ups, just pure content. Accessing Reader View Settings Go to Settings / Preferences > Webpages. Check Display Settings on Page in Reader Mode. The Reader View icon appears in the Address Bar for every webpage that supports this feature. Click […]

Developer Tools

The built-in Developer Tools are particularly helpful when building and debugging web pages. How to access Developer Tools: Open a web page or a web app and select Tools > Developer Tools from the menu. Open a web page or a web app and right-click on any page element and select Inspect Element from the context […]


The History tool in Vivaldi is somewhat different than in a typical browser – instead, Vivaldi’s History is a detailed overview backed by statistics and presented in a fresh, visual way. It was built to give users a powerful and useful tool to explore their browsing patterns and to make finding previously visited sites easier than […]

Capture a Screenshot

Vivaldi’s built-in Capture tool lets you capture either a Full Page screenshot, or a Selection of the screen that you define. It can be accessed in a number of ways through the Vivaldi UI to give you flexibility in how you implement the tool. Types of Capture Output of Capture How to access the Capture […]

Fast Forward & Rewind

Fast Forward Fast Forward allows you to jump to the next page of a site that contains several pages on or scroll down a page like reading posts on Facebook or navigating through search results on Duck Duck Go. For example, when searching using search engines such as Bing or Google, click on the Fast Forward button […]

Session Management

Vivaldi allows you to save your current open tabs as a named “session” and access them again later. This allows you to open the set of tabs included in a session with one click whenever you need or when the browser starts. You have an option to save all open tabs or just a selection […]


Downloads are added and managed through the Download Panel. Where can I find the download panel? Click the Download Panel button, or Use Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl-Shift-D / ⌥⌘ L. How are downloaded files organized in downloads panel? All downloaded files are listed chronologically with file name and size. Find the newest downloaded file at the top […]