Other Features

Vivaldia game

Vivaldia is an arcade-style runner game by Porcelain Fortress integrated into Vivaldi. The game is available for both online and offline playing on desktop and Android. Playing the game To play Vivaldia on desktop: Click on the floating Vivaldia button in the bottom right corner of the Start Page (Speed Dial); Type vivaldi://game in the Address Field; […]

Break Mode

Break Mode allows you to pause the Internet and focus on something else until you’re ready to return. Enabling Break Mode mutes and stops HTML5 audio and videos, hides all Tabs, Panels and other content leaving the screen clean. Enable Break Mode To turn on Break Mode: Click on the Take a Break button on […]

History Panel

Accessing the History Panel To open the History Panel: Click on the History button on the Panel. Go to Vivaldi menu > View > History Panel. Type “History Panel” in Quick Commands. Use the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + H / ⌥ ⌘ Y. Create a Mouse Gesture for opening the History Panel. Browsing […]

Shortcuts to websites

To access a website from your Desktop or files folder, you can create a shortcut following the instructions below. Create a shortcut of an open web page To create a shortcut to a web page that you already have open: Make sure the browser window isn’t maximized and your Desktop or File Manager/Finder folder is […]

Notes Manager

Write down ideas or gather information snippets with Vivaldi Notes. Accessing Notes For quick access Notes are available in the side Panel of Vivaldi. To access the full window Notes Manager, either: Click on Notes on the Start Page navigation menu; Type vivaldi://notes in the Address Field; or Right-click on a note in the Notes […]


Geolocation is a service that allows web pages to request the coordinates of your physical location. You might see this on a map where you click a button for the map to show you your position on the map. Alternatively, you might see a prompt when visiting a website, where the website has asked for […]

Status Bar Clock

In the bottom right corner of the browser on the Status Bar is a clock, telling you the current time and allowing you to set reminders. Customizing the clock To change the look of the clock, right-click on the clock button and select whether you want to: Display the date; Display seconds, in addition to […]

Find in Page

To search for a specific term or phrase on a webpage, use the browser’s Find in Page feature. To search a webpage in Vivaldi: Open the search field: with a Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl / Cmd + F; by going to the Vivaldi menu > Edit > Find in Page; by opening Quick Commands and typing ‘Find […]


Vivaldi has great built-in printing options.  Here’s how to take advantage of them if you want to print from your browser.  To print a web page in Vivaldi, either: Open the menu (Windows and Linux) > File > Print. Use the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl/⌘ + P. Create a Mouse Gesture and use it to open […]


With Vivaldi’s Quick Commands feature you can do various calculations in a blink of an eye. Open Quick Commands by pressing the F2 key on your keyboard and start typing the equation. The solution will appear below the input field. When you press Enter, the solution will be automatically copied to your clipboard. Types of […]