Speed Dial & Bookmarks

Speed Dials

With Speed Dial in Vivaldi, quickly access your favorite websites. How to: 1. Add bookmarks to the Speed Dial Click the big ‘+‘ button on the Speed Dial page. Type a website address, or choose one from the suggestions in the bottom panel. 2. Delete a Speed Dial bookmark Click on the cross on the […]

Bookmarks Bar

How to show the Bookmarks Bar Show the Bookmarks Bar by going to View > Bookmarks Bar The position of the Bookmarks Bar can be changed in Settings > Appearance. How to add new bookmarks to the Bookmarks Bar Click on the bookmark icon at the end of the url bar and save it.


There are three ways to quickly access your bookmarks From the Bookmarks Bar From the Bookmarks Panel From the Address Bar via auto-completion You can manage your bookmarks in Bookmark Manager, accessible via Tools > Bookmarks application menu. How do I add new bookmarks? Click the bookmark icon to the right in the Address Field, […]