Speed Dial & Bookmarks

Speed Dials

Speed Dials in Vivaldi allow you to quickly access your favorite websites from the Start Page. You can customise the Bookmarks included in your Speed Dial, or add custom Speed Dials and folders to organize your content. Add bookmarks to the Speed Dial Click the big + button on the Speed Dial page. Type a website […]

Bookmark Bar

In Settings > Bookmarks you can: Toggle Bookmark Bar’s visibility, select which folder will be shown there, change the location of the Bookmark Bar, and decide, how the bookmarks will be displayed. Right clicking on a bookmark, bookmarks folder or empty space on the bookmarks bar will reveal some additional options for opening and managing […]


On this page you can see information on access, adding, organizing, importing and exporting bookmarks. There are five ways to quickly access your bookmarks From the Bookmark Bar From the Bookmark Panel From the Bookmark Menu From the Address Bar via auto-completion From Quick Commands via auto-completion and nicknames. You can manage your bookmarks in the Bookmark […]