Vivaldi Forum

Vivaldi forum is a place to talk about tech with like-minded people from around the world, discuss the browser, share customisation ideas and clever tricks, troubleshoot bugs, shape the browser’s development by making and voting on feature requests. This article covers the following topics: Reading topics; Searching for relevant content and users; Starting a new […]

Report spammers, phishing and other scams

In order to block spammers and other scams in Vivaldi Mail, we’ll need a copy of the email header you received. There are two ways you can find this: Option 1 – Using source code Open the email; Click on More button on the top horizontal menu; Select Show source; Copy the content in the […]

Export Vivaldi account data

The Vivaldi account gives you access to multiple different Vivaldi services. This means that exporting data is service-specific and has to be done separately for each service you use. Continue reading to see, how to export your data from: Webmail Blog Forum Sync Webmail Mail: To export your emails from Vivaldi Mail, it’s best to […]

Request a new feature

We build Vivaldi with the needs of our sizeable community in mind. If you have an idea for a feature you’d like to see in the browser, let us know on the Forum! Searching for existing feature requests To collect all votes under one post and limit the number of duplicate requests, please look for […]

Registration and login issues

Having trouble creating a Vivaldi account or logging in to the account? Read on for a few troubleshooting tips and how to get in touch with us if you need a hand. Registration issues Error message after submitting the registration form Go back, check that all information is correct and try again. Refresh the page […]

All about Vivaldi’s webmail

Vivaldi gives you a free webmail account at No ads and no strings attached. Your webmail Getting started Setting up Vivaldi Mail in your mail client Importing mail from another account Exporting emails Composing emails Contacts Calendar Identities Filters Encryption Login trouble Your Vivaldi Mail Storage capacity: 5GB Maximum attachment size: 20 MB […]

Restore the Community Speed Dial GIF

When you first start using Vivaldi, you’ll find a link to the Vivaldi Community in the Speed Dial by default. The thumbnail for the link is a slick animated GIF we’ve created to make it easy for you to find your way back to the Vivaldi Forum, Blogs and Webmail which are found at Updating Speed Dial […]

Forgotten account credentials

We’ve all been there. If your username or password need to be recovered (or you don’t have access to the recovery email account you provided when you signed up), use these links to get back into your Vivaldi account: Forgotten password – Recover it now In case your account got locked after using the wrong […]

Register a new Vivaldi Account

Creating a Vivaldi account gives you access to: Vivaldi Sync: Synchronise Bookmarks, Settings, History and more across your devices. Vivaldi Forum: Chat about Vivaldi’s development, vote on upcoming features and leave your feedback. Blogs: Create your own blog ( and publish your articles for free to the whole wide internets. Webmail: Free webmail account ([email protected]) […]

Delete account on

Your account on gives you access to: Vivaldi Webmail; Vivaldi Forum; Vivaldi’s free (and ad-free) blogging platform; Vivaldi’s Sync functionality. Before you delete the account, you might want to export some of the account data. To delete your Vivaldi account: Log in on and go to your profile (top right corner); Click on […]