When you first start using Vivaldi, you’ll find a link to the Vivaldi Community in the Speed Dial by default. The thumbnail for the link is a slick animated GIF we’ve created to make it easy for you to find your way back to the Vivaldi Forum, Blogs and Webmail which are found at vivaldi.net:

Vivaldi Community Speed Dial GIF

Updating Speed Dial thumbnails by mistake

Clicking the ‘Update Thumbnail‘ button on a Speed Dial link will cause Vivaldi to fetch a new thumbnail from that website. It’s not uncommon for people to do this by mistake and wish for a way to bring back the original.

In the case of the Vivaldi Community link, clicking this update button will change the thumbnail to a preview of vivaldi.net’s frontpage. “How do I get the GIF back”, you say? Read on.

Restore the default Vivaldi Community GIF

If you find yourself missing the original GIF animation in your Speed Dial and want to bring it back, here is how to bring it back:

  1. Download the GIF above and save the file to a location outside of your Vivaldi’s user profile, e.g. Pictures. (This way the reference path to the GIF can be independent from version changes, and your future versions of Vivaldi will be able to continue to find the GIF on your system).
  2. Open Vivaldi and navigate to your Start Page.
  3. Right-click the Speed Dial for the Vivaldi Community and choose ‘Select Custom Speed Dial Thumbnail‘ from the context menu; or, click the ‘+‘ icon which appears on the thumbnail when you hover over it.
  4. Select the GIF from its location on your system to upload it to replace the thumbnail.
  5. Enjoy the animated GIF goodness!

Vivaldi Tip

Find out more about how to customize your Start Page in Vivaldi by visiting our Get Started Guide.

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