Creating Tab Stacks

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What is a Tab Stack?

Tab Stacks are groups of browser tabs. Using Tab Stacks is a great way to cut down clutter and keep yourself organised while you browse.


Creating a Tab Stack

The simplest way to create a new Tab Stack is with drag-and-drop. Simply click and drag a tab over another tab until it becomes darker and drop it. You can add or remove tabs to an existing Tab Stack in the same way.

Drag and drop a tab


Previewing Tabs

Hovering the mouse over a Tab Stack will reveal a preview of the tabs inside so you can quickly track down the one you’re looking for.

Previewing tabs in a stack

Other ways to create stacks

Drag-and-drop is quick and easy, but there are a few other handy ways to create new Tab Stacks:

  • Stack Tabs by Host. If you have more than one tab open from the same domain (e.g. and, you can create a new Tab Stack which only includes these tabs. This is available in the context menu by right clicking on an open tab.
  • New Tab Stack from Selection. This option allows you to select which tabs you’d like to include in a new stack. Simply select the tabs by holding down ShiftCtrl / , right click on one of the selected tabs, and pick ‘New Tab Stack with Selection‘ from the menu.


Renaming Tab Stacks

Giving your stacks a custom name is a great way to group subjects or tasks into easily findable folders. For example, if you’re researching a topic and have a number of tabs open, you may want to group them together into Tab Stacks with a relevant name for easy reference.

To rename a Tab Stack, first make sure you’ve enable the feature by ticking the box for ‘Allow Tab Stack Renaming’ in Settings → Tabs → Tab FeaturesThen simply right-click on your Tab Stack to open the context menu and select ‘Rename Tab Stack’. Type the new name for your stack, hit Enter and you’re done.

Renaming a Tab Stack

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