View tabs in a split screen

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What is Tab Tiling?

One of the unique features of Vivaldi is the ability to create split screen views with the click of a button. We call it Tab Tiling.

Browsing several sites at once can come in handy. For example, if you’re working on a blog post, it might be useful to have the preview version open in a separate tab to check out the layout as you go. Or, perhaps you need to keep your reference material for a research article close by while you write.

Using Tab Tiling, you can keep several tabs open simultaneously and within easy reach. Check out the video above for a quick demo on how to start tiling your tabs from a Tab Stack.


Tiling Tabs

To create a tiled view, you first need to select several tabs or create a Tab Stack. In this example, we’re selecting two tabs that we’d like to view in a split screen.

To select the tabs, hold down ShiftCtrl / and click the tabs you’d like to include. Right click on any of the highlighted tabs and select ‘Tile Tabs‘.

Tile 2 Tabs

Tiled Tabs view

The resulting view shows the two tabs we’d selected, tiled vertically and allowing for scrolling and interaction with either tab. You can choose different configurations depending on how many tabs are included, including a grid view to display four or more tabs in the same window.


Tiling from the Status Bar

There is also an icon in the Status Bar to control tiling settings. With the same two tabs selected as above, clicking on the Tiling icon will show the available layout options.

Tab Tiling from Status Bar


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