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Vivaldi browser lets you search the web any way you like. Here’s how. Search in the Address Field Go to Settings> Search and make sure Search in Address Field is enabled. Type the search term in the Address Field and press Enter. Vivaldi will display the search results using the default search engine. Use Search Engine […]

Search engines always giving "%s" result

Vivaldi for Windows

Hi, I went through this post and felt like adding Google Pictures to my search engines list, but after I copied and pasted the URL and type in a search, each time it only gives "%s" as the result, same with the others I added from the above post. Why?


Search suggestion with %s adds nickname to search query

Vivaldi for macOS

I am trying to use amazon search suggestion and I am using the following suggestion URL: with Nickname "a" When I am running the search on Amazon with e.g. "a car" the suggestion includes the nickname "a" in the results. The expectation is that only query is used not the nickname in search.

By acidham