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Mail panel disappears when opening the closed windows from the window panel

Vivaldi for Linux

So here are the 2 problems that I noticed today when I opened my laptop after returning from work. Mail panel alongside other panels disappears entirely when I open the closed windows from the window panel. It appears that something was messed up with my bookmarks, I made a folder and put it in the [...]

By Yamo

Opening panel in "new window" opens private window

Vivaldi for Windows

Has this been reported yet? I searched but didn't see anything. The first time this happened I figured my mouse slipped and I clicked Private Window by accident, but I can reproduce it consistently. Right clicking on a web panel icon OR on the panel header and choosing "Open in New Window" actually opens it [...]

By scampbll

The panel window, on its own.


How do you do this with the panel window. (I just want the Panel bar open by itself) Could you add this feature if it isn't there. This would be really beneficial Free the panel from the web window.

By Shahan21

Lost functionality in the Window Panel (session save, hibernated icon), open session with stack in current window

Vivaldi for Windows

Hi, at some point in time (last few months) the window panel lost two features and I wonder if I am the only one having this problem or it hits others as well. Also noticed one regression with opening from a saved session. The issues: when trying to save as a session a set of [...]

By kovi

Window panel: highlighting

Vivaldi for macOS

Hello, in the window panel, there are three states, which can combine in part: blue background of tab name bright gray background of tab name black dot in front of tab name what is the difference of these three? thank you. it's confusing!

By panda83

Window Panel [bugs?]

Vivaldi for Windows

I use the window panel instead of the tab bar and have noticed the following inconveniences: If the panel scrollbar is visible, the middle mouse button also activates panning. (The expected action is only to close the tab.) Activate with single click setting also applies to the Closed Tabs, although it is a completely different [...]

By coldsmile

Window Panel Collapse

Vivaldi for Windows

When Vivaldi is restarted, all the Window Panels are always collapsed not reflecting anymore the state when Vivaldi was stopped. Very annoying as they need to be Expanded manually every time. I think this started happening with Vivaldi 4.3.x but am not sure about it. Certain is that this was not so a couple of [...]

By Darwin4Ever

"Windows" panel seemingly blank

Vivaldi for Windows

Beg to wonder if this is maybe the fault of an update or an issue with sync (I had recently moved onto a new computer) but the windows panel seems to show absolutely nothing despite open tabs. This seems like a nasty bug if nothing else. Restarting Vivaldi doesn't fix. Please advise?

By Happyfaec

Windows panel not showing all stacks


I have several tab stacks but Windows panel only shows the first one.

By Shoham

Focus jumping on windows panel

Vivaldi for Windows

Hello, Each time I'm writing on the main page with a web panel open, the focus automatically jump to it. It is really annoying, I have to close the panel to be able to use the page normally. How to avoid it? I realised it happens more often when one of the messaging app I [...]

By papykpy