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Why are there different settings menus?

Vivaldi for Linux

If I enter settings, I usually (but not always) get one menu (the same one I get in Tools / Settings). But there is another menu that is more difficult to reach (only reliably reachable through "Site Settings") that (clicking on the menu bar on the left) can go to the following: People, Appearance, Search [...]

By 0001

Menus on Ubuntu Unity

Vivaldi for Linux

Re: Menus on Ubuntu Unity Yes, Unity is deprecated, but it still used by alot ppls!

By byaka

Can't click on some pop-up menus

Vivaldi for Linux

Hello! Sometimes I can't click on links that appear after I hover some buttons or menus. It sends my click to items that are behind the menu block. An only restart helps in this situation. It's not about one particular website, all websites have the same behavior.

By iwex

Can't open menus in Ancestry

Vivaldi for Android

Hi. I've done several searches and haven't found any relevant information. Hope I didn't miss the obvious. I've been trying to use the Ancestry website in Vivaldi (android): and . I can open the relevant webpages and family trees, but within the site I can't open menus. I click on the buttons and [...]

By GrumpyKoala007

Bookmarks too wide in menus

Vivaldi for Windows

Latest updates does not have fixed width bookmarks menus. So if you have really long bookmark names the menus are extremely wide. Suggest to set back to fixed width.

By dicks

Separator in favorites menus.

Vivaldi for Windows

Hi there, I'm a bit disapointed because you add separator to favorite toolbar, but not in the menus. Right clicking in a menu don't show an option to add a separator. Should not be that hard to add this feature

By ernestdev

Skinning menus and popups

Vivaldi for Windows

Is it possible to add the currently used theme to Vivaldi menus or extension popups?

By n8chavez

No border on the context menus?

Vivaldi for Linux

Hi to all, I've noticed that I do not have borders on the V-menu and Bookmark bar menus, like it's shown on the photo: When the theme is bright, sometimes is hard to distinct where menu ends. Does anyone have the same problem and how to resolve it? Thanks in advance, greetings.

By coronium

How to enable dark menus

Vivaldi for Windows

How did you do dark menus? modedit Moved from

By Gregor

Menus open too fast

Vivaldi for Windows

On latest beta 1.3 and the menus in bookmarks open instantly, in the past there used to be a delay (300ms?). On my Windows10 in the other apps there is no instant opening so it seems something related to Vivaldi. Is there a setting for this somewhere?

By dicks