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delete browsing data>cookies, which cookies?

Vivaldi for Windows

I can't find an explicit statement about this in vivaldi help.: will all cookies be deleted, or just cookies that have been not been saved. ie, site info>cookies>sites that can always use cookies>add. (too bad that vivaldi doesn't have the setting to delete all cookies that are not in the 'allow' list, whenever the browser [...]

By astro46

Cookies not synced - possible to copy cookies to other PC?

Vivaldi for Windows

On my new PC, I enabled sync and everything is like the old PC, exept for cookies. I still need to sign in to every web site again. Is it possible to transfer the cookies from the old installation to the new, so I don't need to sign in again? I'm aware that it may [...]

By GeeZuZz


Vivaldi for macOS

I changed my search nengine to and enabled zero tracking and ADs. Also made cookies available for the session. Now I am being aksed to login every time I start the browser. What Sin have i committed unknowingly

By AbhishekMisra

Cookies disappeared

Vivaldi for Windows

I've been using Vivaldi for a few years now, so I know my way around it. When I started Vivaldi this morning I found that my cookies are gone, and as a consequence, I'm logged out of my web applications, like Gmail, Twitter, Instagram... It's similar to what was posted last year in: History, [...]

By Gardfield

Retain Some Cookies

Vivaldi for Windows

Will someone help me retain some site cookies while using the "delete all cookies" setting? Thanks

By Boomer1

save cookies?

Vivaldi for Windows

is there a way to block only certain cookies from deletion? i want to keep only some cookies after restart, like ebay, so i dont have to login everytime after i closed vivaldi..

By schreck

Lost all cookies

Vivaldi for Windows

So when I turned on my PC today and started up Vivaldi I found myself logged out from all websites. Some checking around made it clear that all my cookies have disappeared. I don't use any cookies managers or anything like that, nor did I use a cleaner type utility recently. This is the first [...]


Displaying Cookies

Vivaldi for Windows

One way to display cookies is vivaldi://settings/privacy/ and selecting the "Show Saved Cookies" button. For me, this shows 52 cookie entries currently. Another way I have done it in the past is by entering "chrome://settings/content/all" on the address bar. With the current version of Vivaldi (v6.4.3160.34), this no longer works. There is nothing at all [...]

By AllanH

Ad cookies

Vivaldi for Windows

How can I add cookies to Vivaldi permanently? Thank you for your help!

By cbx

Some cookies can't be accepted

Vivaldi for Windows

Check this link: No way to accept some cookies...

By joanlui