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Manage browser cookies

Desktop browser / Privacy and Security

Cookies are small pieces of data (text files) that a website – when visited by a user – asks your browser to store on your device in order to remember information about you, such as your language preference or login information. The cookie will be used to recognize you and your preferences the next time […]

Install Vivaldi on Flatpak

Desktop browser / Installing and Updating

Vivaldi for Flatpak is distributed through Flathub. You may find Flathub already built-in to your Linux distribution’s software center app. If not, click the button below or copy the following link: How do I set Vivaldi for Flatpak as my default browser and/or as my mail client? You must set your preferred applications through […]

Security FAQ

Android browser / Privacy and Security

Answers to common security-related questions about Vivaldi. The questions and answers can also be found on I am unable to login or register for my Facebook/Google/Other website account We make the Vivaldi web browser. We do not own the websites that you visit (except and and we cannot control your accounts on […]

Address Field

Desktop browser / Navigation

Address Field is a section on the Address Bar where you can see the URL of the page you’re currently on. There you can enter a new web page link to navigate to the website or a search term to see search results. But the Address Field in Vivaldi has a lot more to offer. […]

Troubleshooting issues

Desktop browser / Troubleshooting and reporting issues

When you encounter an issue and you’re trying to determine whether you can fix it yourself or need to report a bug, follow the steps below. Remember that in many cases it’s important to reload the web page for any changes to take effect. Restart the browser Sometimes the simplest things help, so exit/quit the […]

Preventing Vivaldi profiles from being uploaded to Git repositories

Desktop browser / Privacy and Security

There was a recent news report that showed that thousands of people had accidentally uploaded their home directories/folders to public Git repositories that they were working on, and that included the profile directories for other browsers. You can read more about this here: We added a detection and protection to the latest release of […]

Progressive Web Apps

Desktop browser / Shortcuts

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are websites that can be installed as independent applications. They can be opened from shortcuts and used in their own window separate from the main browser. Install Progressive Web Apps To install a website as a PWA: In a tab, open the website you want to install. While the site is […]

Import and export browser data

Desktop browser / Tools

To import data from a Vivaldi on another device, we recommend using the browser’s Sync feature. Continue reading to learn how to import data from other browser and from files on your computer, including alternative ways to transfer data between Vivaldi browsers. Import Bookmarks To import Bookmarks from another browser on the same computer or […]

Delete browsing data

Desktop browser / Tools

Delete all browsing data First, open the data deletion dialog using one of the following options: Go to Vivaldi menu > Tools > Delete Browsing Data. In the History Manager click on Clear Browsing Data in the top right corner. Type “Delete Browsing Data” in Quick Commands. Use the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + […]

Block Trackers and Ads

Desktop browser / Privacy and Security

In addition to not tracking you, Vivaldi can protect your browsing experience from web trackers and ads. Tracker blocker Tracker blocker prevents ubiquitous web trackers from following you around the web and from gathering personal data about you. When the feature is enabled, trackers are blocked by relying on lists of well-known tracker URLs and […]