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Site Settings in Vivaldi on Android

Android browser / Appearance and Customization

Some permissions in the app are enabled by default, others are blocked and in many cases a website will ask for your permission, for example, to access your device’s camera and microphone, to show you notifications, etc. To review and adjust your preferences for each of the settings: Go to the Vivaldi menu > Settings […]

Security FAQ

Android browser / Privacy and Security

Answers to common security-related questions about Vivaldi. The questions and answers can also be found on I am unable to login or register for my Facebook/Google/Other website account We make the Vivaldi web browser. We do not own the websites that you visit (except and and we cannot control your accounts on […]

Troubleshooting issues on Android

Android browser / Troubleshooting and reporting issues

When you encounter an issue and you’re trying to determine whether you can fix it yourself or need to report a bug, follow the steps below. Remember that in many cases it’s important to reload the web page for any changes to take effect. Restart the app Sometimes the simplest things help, so exit the […]

Tracker and Ad Blocker

Android browser / Privacy and Security

In addition to Vivaldi not tracking you, we protect you from web trackers and give you the option to block ads. Tracker blocker Tracker blocker prevents ubiquitous web trackers from following you around the web and from gathering personal data about you. When the feature is enabled, trackers are blocked by relying on lists of […]

History on Android

Android browser / Tools

View a list of websites you’ve visited in Vivaldi’s History Panel. History Panel Open the History Panel by tapping on the Panel button on the left side of the bottom toolbar and swiping to the second Panel. Alternatively, tap on the  History option on the bottom toolbar. The websites will be listed chronologically in descending […]