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Change your Vivaldi Android preferences in Settings.

To access Settings in the Android version of Vivaldi:

  1. Tap on the Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu on the Address Bar, and
  2. Select Settings.

There you can:


  • Access Sync settings;


  • Change the default Search Engine;
  • Enable search suggestions;
  • Show Search Engine suggestions;
  • View Passwords and edit password settings;
  • Enter and edit Payment methods and Addresses;
  • Change your preferred languages for web content;
  • Toggle on or off closing the app with a double tap on the back button;
  • Enable Address Bar swipe gesture to open the Tab Switcher;


  • Enable closing tabs with a swipe;
  • Enable the Tab Bar;
  • Enable Tab Stacks;
  • Enable showing of the Close button for background tabs;
  • Show tabs as favicons without the tab title;
  • Set a minimum width for tabs;
  • Select the new tab’s position;



  • Move the Address Bar to the bottom of the screen;
  • Change the size of Speed Dials on the Start Page;
  • Switch between a light and dark Theme, set an accent color and enable dark mode for websites;
  • Toggle on or off the visibility of Vivaldia game in the menu;
  • Enable scrollbars in Vivaldi’s internal pages;
  • Hide the Status Bar on web pages (area where time, battery and other information is displayed);
  • Enable always showing controls, so the toolbars won’t disappear when you scroll down on a web page;

Web Pages

  • Enable desktop view for all websites.
  • Improve Accessibility by changing the font size and enabling force zoom and the Reader View (simplified view);
  • Access Site Settings;
  • View Download settings.
  • Update app notification settings;
  • Set a homepage;
  • Enable opening of external pages in the browser instead of dedicated apps.


  • View information about the current Vivaldi version.

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