Like the desktop browser, Vivaldi on Android has a unique User Interface.

Address Bar

  • Site info – check your connection security and access Site Settings;
  • Address and Search field – type in the link you want to visit or a search term you want to look up;
  • Vivaldi menu – access options such as Bookmark PageCapture PageSettings, and much more by tapping on the Vivaldi logo.

Mobile user interface

Bottom toolbar

The icons on the bottom toolbar will change when you view the Panels or the Tab Switcher to give you additional options.

When you scroll down on a page the toolbars will be hidden automatically to free up screen real estate. When you scroll up, the toolbars will be displayed again.


With the latest Android versions you can pick between a light and dark theme or defer to your system default.

To change the theme:

  • Go to vivaldi://flags and search for ‘dark mode’;
  • Enable the flag ‘Android Chrome UI dark mode‘ to make the Themes option available in Settings;
  • Relaunch the browser;
  • Open the Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu > Settings > Themes and make your selection.

If you also wish to view websites in the dark mode enable the flag ‘Android web contents dark mode‘.


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