Add your favourite and often visited sites to Bookmarks to access them faster.

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Accessing Bookmarks

To view your bookmarks, tap on the Panel button Panel button in the bottom left corner of the window to open the Bookmarks Panel.

To search bookmarks, tap on the Search button on the left side of the bottom toolbar.

To open a bookmark in the active tab, just tap on it. To open a bookmark in a new tab or a private tab:

  • long press on the bookmark;
  • tap on the Extensions toggle button overflow menu in the top right corner;
  • select Open in new tab or Open in private tab.

Adding Bookmarks

There are multiple ways to add a new bookmark on Vivaldi Mobile.

Option 1

To add an open web page to your bookmarks, tap on the Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu > Bookmark Page. You’ll get a notification on the bottom of the screen, telling you in which folder the bookmark was saved to. If you wish to change the folder, name, description and/or nickname, tap on Edit.

Option 2

Go to the Start Page and tap on the + Add Bookmark button after your Speed Dials and enter at least the Name and URL of the new bookmark. The bookmark will be saved to that Speed Dial folder.

Option 3

Open the Bookmarks Panel and tap on NEW in the bottom right corner, to add a new bookmark. The new Bookmark will be saved to the folder that’s currently open in the Bookmarks Panel.

Editing Bookmarks

To edit a single bookmark or a folder, find it in the Bookmarks Panel and long press on it until the bookmark favicon / folder icon is replaced with a check mark and a new menu appears. Tap on the Edit button Edit button to edit the bookmark.

To move bookmarks, long press on the ones you want to move and tap on the Move to button Move button and select or create a new destination folder.

Syncing Bookmarks

To access your desktop bookmarks on your phone and vice versa, use Sync both on your phone and desktop browsers.

Deleting Bookmarks

To delete a bookmark, long press on the bookmark, multiple bookmarks or bookmark folder in the Bookmark Panel and tap on the Delete button Delete button to remove the bookmark.

Speed Dials

To access your favourite bookmarks from the Start Page, put them in the same folder and in the bookmark folder settings tick the box for Speed Dial.

You can display multiple Speed Dial folders on the Start Page and switch between them either by swiping left/right or tapping on the Speed Dial folder title.


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