Speed Dials in Vivaldi on iOS

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Access your favorite Bookmarks directly from the Start Page with Speed Dials.

Add a new Speed Dial folder on the Start Page

To access bookmarks from the Start Page:

  1. In the Bookmarks Panel, make sure your favorites are in the same Bookmarks folder.
  2. Long press on the folder and select Edit.
  3. Enable Use as Speed Dial Folder.

You can display multiple Bookmarks folders on the Start Page and switch between them either by swiping left/right or tapping on the Speed Dial folder title.

Speed Dial subfolders

To create a new Speed Dial subfolder:

  1. Long press on New Speed Dial.
  2. Select New Speed Dial Folder.
  3. Give the folder a name.
  4. Tap Done.

Alternatively, create a new subfolder and move bookmarks to it in the Bookmarks Panel.

Add new Speed Dials

To add a new bookmark to the Speed Dial folder on the Start Page:

  1. Tap on the Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu > Bookmark Page.
  2. In the notification that appears at the bottom of the screen, tap Edit.
  3. Save the new bookmark to an existing Speed Dial folder or create a new one.

To add an existing bookmark to the Speed Dial folder or move it to a different Speed Dial folder:

  1. Open the Bookmarks Panel.
  2. Long press on the one you want to move.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Change the location.
  5. Tap Done.

Manage Speed Dials

Sort Speed Dials

To sort your Speed Dials:

  1. Tap on the Sort button in the top right corner of the Start Page,
  2. Select your preferred sorting option:
    • Manual,
    • By Title,
    • By Address,
    • By Nickname,
    • By Description,
    • By Date.

You can also sort your Speed Dial bookmarks in the Bookmarks Panel.

Reorder Speed Dials

To reorder Speed Dials:

  1. Make sure Manual sorting is enabled (see instructions above).
  2. Long press on a Speed Dial.
  3. Drag and drop to change the order.

To edit, move or delete a Speed Dial, long press on the Speed Dial to open a context menu with the options.

Alternatively, manage your Speed Dial bookmarks in the Bookmarks Panel.

Update Speed Dial Thumbnails

With Large and Medium Speed Dials you’ll usually see a preview of the web page as the thumbnail.

To update it:

  1. Long press on the Speed Dial.
  2. Select Update Thumbnail from the menu.

Delete Speed Dials

To delete a Speed Dial bookmark:

  1. On the Speed Dial page, long press on the Speed Dial bookmark you want to remove.
  2. Select Delete from the context menu.

Alternatively, delete the bookmark in the Bookmarks Panel.

Start Page layout

There are 4 Speed Dial layouts available in Vivaldi:

  • Large Speed Dials,
  • Medium Speed Dials
  • Small Speed Dials,
  • Speed Dial list.

To change the layout:

  1. Go to Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu > Settings > Start Page Layout.
  2. Choose your preferred layout.