Settings in Vivaldi on iOS

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Change your Vivaldi on iOS preferences in Settings. Click the links (underlined blue text) for additional information.

To access Settings in the iOS version of Vivaldi:

  1. Tap on the Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu on the Address Bar, and
  2. Select  Settings.

There you can:

  • Access Sync settings.
  • View Passwords and edit password settings.
  • Enter and edit Payment methods and Addresses.
  • Customize the Appearance with a light or dark Theme and a Start Page background image.
  • Enable the Tab Bar and choose the Address Bar’s location.
  • Change the size of Speed Dials on the Start Page.
  • Choose Vivaldi’s App Icon for the home screen and App Library.
  • Review Privacy and Security settings and clear browsing data.
  • Check your Tracker and Ad Blocker settings.
  • Review and edit content settings.
  • View information about the current Vivaldi version.