Themes in Vivaldi on iOS

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Vivaldi on desktop is known for its many customization options and we’ve brought many of them over to Vivaldi on iOS as well.

To change the browser’s theme in Vivaldi on iOS:

  1. Go to the Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu > Settings > Appearance > Theme
  2. Choose between:
    • following the system,
    • Light theme,
    • Dark theme.

If you choose the light theme, the browser toolbars will adapt its accent colors according to the website colors.

3 different websites with 3 different accent colors.

Custom Start Page Wallpapers

Just like on desktop, you can select a preloaded wallpaper to decorate the Start Page or use your own image.

To update the wallpaper:

  1. Go to the  Vivaldi menu > Settings > Appearance > Wallpapers
  2. Tap on the wallpaper of your choice or on the + button to select an image from your Photos.

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