Speed Dials

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Access your favorite Bookmarks directly from the Start Page with Speed Dials.

Add a new Speed Dial folder on the Start Page

To access bookmarks from the Start Page:

  1. In the Bookmarks Panel, make sure your favourites are in the same Bookmarks folder;
  2. Long press on the folder and tap on the Edit button Edit button;
  3. Tap on Speed Dial Folders.

You can display multiple Bookmarks folders on the Start Page and switch between them either by swiping left/right or tapping on the Speed Dial folder title.

To change the order of the Speed Dial pages, reorder the folders in the Bookmarks Panel.

Speed Dial subfolders

To create a new Speed Dial subfolder:

  1. Long press on a Speed Dial;
  2. Drag the Speed Dial over another to create a new folder;
  3. Long press on the new Speed Dial folder and select Edit to give the folder a name;
  4. Drag more Speed Dials to the freshly created folder.

Alternatively, create a new subfolder and move bookmarks to it in the Bookmarks Panel.

Add new Speed Dials

To add a new bookmark to the Speed Dial folder on the Start Page:

  1. Tap on the Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu > Bookmark Page;
  2. In the notification that appears at the bottom of the screen, tap Edit;
  3. Save the new bookmark to an existing Speed Dial folder or create a new one.

To add an existing bookmark to the Speed Dial folder or move it to a different Speed Dial folder:

  1. Open the Bookmarks Panel;
  2. Long press on the one you want to move;
  3. Tap on the Move to button Move button;
  4. Select or create a new destination folder.

Manage Speed Dials

Sort Speed Dials

To sort your Speed Dials:

  1. Tap on the Sort button in the top right corner of the Start Page;
  2. Select your preferred sorting option:
    • Manual,
    • By Title,
    • By Address,
    • By Nickname,
    • By Description,
    • By Date.

You can also sort your Speed Dial bookmarks in the Bookmarks Panel.

Reorder Speed Dials

To reorder Speed Dials:

  1. Make sure Manual sorting is enabled (see instructions above);
  2. Long press on a Speed Dial;
  3. Drag and drop to change the order.

To edit, move or delete a Speed Dial, long press on the Speed Dial to open a context menu with the options.

Alternatively, manage your Speed Dial bookmarks in the Bookmarks Panel.

Start Page layout

There are 4 Speed Dial layouts available in Vivaldi:

  • Large Speed Dials,
  • Medium Speed Dials
  • Small Speed Dials,
  • Speed Dial list.

To change the layout:

  1. Go to Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu > Settings > Appearance;
  2. Choose your preferred layout.

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