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Searching using Vivaldi on Android

To search in the Android version of Vivaldi, tap either the Search button  Search button on the Start Page or tap directly on the Address Bar and start typing the search term.

To search using a pre-installed search engine other than the default, enter the Search Engine’s nickname (check the list below) followed by a space and then type the search term. After tapping space the chosen Search Engine’s logo will appear on the Address Bar.

Changing the default Search Engine

To change the default Search Engine:

  • Open the Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu from the top right corner;
  • Select Settings > Basics > Search Engine;
  • Tap on the Search Engine you want to set as the default Search Engine;
  • Exit the Setting using the History back button back arrow.

Available Search Engines

  • Bing  [b]– for searching the web via Microsoft Bing.
  • Yahoo [y] – for searching the web via Yahoo.
  • StartPage [s] – a private way to search Google.
  • DuckDuckGo [d] – a search engine that doesn’t track users.
  • Ecosia [e] – a search engine that plants trees.
  • Wikipedia [w]– for searching the Wikipedia free online encyclopedia.
  • Google [g] – for searching the web via Google.

Search suggestions

To enable/disable search suggestions:

  1. Open the Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu from the top right corner;
  2. Select Settings > Basics;
  3. Tap on Allow Search Suggestions in Address Field.

Please note that, enabling search suggestions allows your search engine to see what you type even if you don’t perform a search. You can read more about search suggestions on our blog.

Searching from a website

To search for a word or a phrase you found on a website:

  1. Highlight the search term by pressing on the word/phrase;
  2. In the menu that appears, tap on the  Extensions toggle button overflow menu;
  3. Select Web Search;

The Search will be done with your default search engine.

Search widget

To start a search in Vivaldi from your home screen add Vivaldi’s search widget to it by:

  1. Long pressing on an empty space on the home screen;
  2. Select Widgets;
  3. Find Vivaldi search from the list;
  4. Long press on the widget and drag it to the home screen.
Search widget

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