Download files from the web

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View the progress and history of your downloaded files in the Downloads Panel.

Downloads Panel

To view your downloads, tap on the Panels button on the left side of the bottom toolbar and swipe to the fourth panel. Instead of swiping you can also tap the Downloads button in the bottom menu.

Alternatively, select Downloads in the Vivaldi menu.

Searching downloads

To search through your downloads, tap on the Search button in the top right corner and enter your search term.

Sharing downloads

To share a downloaded file:

  1. Tap on the overflow menu;
  2. Select Share;
  3. Pick an app or a feature to use for file sharing.

Deleting downloads

To delete a downloaded file:

  1. Tap on the overflow menu;
  2. Select Delete.

Download location

To change the default download location:

  1. Open the Downloads Panel;
  2. Tap on settings icon Settings at the top of the page;
  3. Pick the new default download location (internal storage or SD card).

On the same page you can also enable Ask where to save files to specify the download location for each file separately.

External download managers

Instead of using the browser to download files, you might want to use other download managers. To enable an external download manager:

  1. Install a download manager app of your choice from Google Play.
  2. In Vivaldi, go to the Vivaldi menu > Settings > Downloads > External download manager.
  3. Select your preferred download manager.