Creating a Vivaldi Account gives you access to a whole whack of Vivaldi services including:


Information needed to register your new account:

  • Username. Choose a unique username. This handle will be used for your new email address, blog link and to log in to the different Vivaldi services.
  • Password. Your super secure, unique password which you don’t use anywhere else.
  • Recovery email. This address will be used to contact you with important info about your Vivaldi Account – enter an email address you’ll have access to in the long run. Any emails regarding your Vivaldi Account, such as account confirmation, password and/or username recovery emails will be sent there.
  • Name. For registration purposes, but you choose whether to display this publicly or not.
  • Birthday. We need this information to prove to authorities that you are older than 16 to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Vivaldi Tip

Use a Password manager like 1Password or Lastpass to create and securely store your unique password. If that’s not an option, consider using a passphrase made up of random words.

After submitting the form, an email with a confirmation link (valid for 48 hours) will be sent to the email address you gave in the registration form. Click on the link to activate your new Vivaldi Account.

If you’re having trouble with registration or login, have a look at our help page about Registration and log in issues.

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