Creating an account on gives you access to a whole whack of Vivaldi services including:


Information needed to register your new account:

  • Username. Choose a unique username. This handle will be used for your new email address and to log in to the different Vivaldi services.
  • Email. This address will be used to contact you with important info about your Vivaldi account – enter an email address you’ll have access to in the long run. Any emails regarding your Vivaldi account, such as account confirmation, password and/or username recovery emails will be sent there.
  • First Name. For registration purposes, but you choose whether to display this publicly or not.
  • Last Name. See above. 🙂
  • Password. Your super secure, unique password which you don’t use anywhere else.

Vivaldi Tip

Use a Password manager like 1Password or Lastpass to create and securely store your unique password. If that’s not an option, consider using 12 characters or longer including a random combination of letters (upper- and lowercase), numbers and punctuation.


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