Registration and login issues

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Having trouble creating a Vivaldi account or logging in to the account? Read on for a few troubleshooting tips.

Registration issues

Error message after submitting the registration form

  • Go back, check that all information is correct and try again. Refresh the page and start again, if necessary.
  • Try disabling Extensions (especially privacy, security and/or content blocking extensions) to see, if any of them hinder the browser’s work.
  • Check the status of our services on to see if everything is operational.
  • Make sure Cookies for sites have not been blocked.
  • Clear Cookies & Storage, Cache, and Application cache from History.

Haven’t received the account activation email?

  • Make sure a valid email address was entered in the registration form. In case you might have made a typo in the recovery email or gave an invalid email, please contact us below with your account’s username, the email you signed up with and what the email address should be. We’ll fix it for you.
  • Check all mailbox folders, including the Spam folder, for an email with the title “ – Account Activation”.
  • Be patient. Occasionally, email service providers queue emails, so the email might arrive in your Inbox with a delay.

Accidentally closed the activation page?

In case you leave the account activation page, you can return to it by trying to log in to your account on On the activation page you can also request a new code should the one you had have expired.

Account activation failed?

After activating the account you should be asked to log in and then you should find yourself on your account’s profile. In case the code wasn’t accepted (e.g. it had expired), request a new code and try again.

Sometimes Extensions can cause trouble, so try if after disabling them account activation works. For example, dark mode extension, Dark Reader, is known to break functionality on, but there may be other extensions as well. You might have to restart the browser for the change to take affect.

Login issues

  • When instead of being logged in you’re asked to enter a 6 digit code, it means that you haven’t activated the account yet. If you just registered, check your recovery email to find the code. In case the code has expired, request a new one by clicking on the resend link on the activation page or request a new email here.
  • For login it’s best to use your username, but your Vivaldi email address is also accepted. In case you don’t remember the username, send a username reminder to your recovery email address.
  • Reset the password with your username. Please note that, password reset won’t work, if the account is locked or hasn’t been activated yet.
  • In case you’ve already tried logging in with the wrong password at least 5 times, the account will be locked for 5 minutes as a security measure. After the 5 minutes have passed, reset the password to access the account again.
  • If you only recently registered and are having issues with login to Vivaldi Webmail, you might not have built enough reputation for your account yet to be granted access. In that case, keep being an active member of the community and try again some other time.
  • Check the status of our services on to see if everything is operational.
  • Delete Vivaldi Cookies following the instructions in the video:

Check what the error message means

Take a look at this Help page explaining what various Vivaldi account related error messages can mean and what to do when you encounter them.

None of the above was helpful?

In case you tried the troubleshooting steps above, but still can’t access your account, please send us a message below, so we could look into the issue. Make sure to share your account’s username, where you tried to log in and what the error message said. Also, make sure to give a contact email we can reach you on.

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