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With your Vivaldi account you can use the following services:

When you’ve tried logging in and it fails with an error message saying that the account is locked, these could be the reasons.

Account hasn’t been activated

Before logging in for the first time, you need to activate the account with a code from an email we sent to the email address you gave as the recovery email during registration.

Please check your mailbox (including the Spam folder) for the email and activate the account. Then try logging in again.

In case the code has expired or you can’t find the email, send yourself a new account activation email.

If you know you made a typo in the recovery email or gave an invalid email address, please reach out to us using the contact form at the end of this article.

Phone number hasn’t been verified

To use the browser’s Sync feature or participate in discussions on the Forum, it’s enough to activate the account via email. To use Vivaldi’s webmail and blogging services, for added security, you also need to verify your phone number.

To do that log in to your account’s profile on Vivaldi.net, add the phone number to the Phone Number field and click Update. On the new page enter the code you received on your phone as an SMS. Then try logging in again.

Occasionally, the service we use to send out the SMS and some phone operators don’t work well together, so be patient and hopefully the SMS will be delivered soon. If, after multiple tries and waiting, you still haven’t received the verification code, please get in touch with us below.

Used the wrong password too many times

In case you’ve forgotten your password and have tried logging in with the wrong password at least 5 times, the account will get locked for 5 minutes as a security measure. When the 5 minutes have passed, reset the login password to access your account again.

Account got locked for breaking Vivaldi’s Terms of Use

When you’re breaking Vivaldi’s Terms of Use on any of our services, the whole account will be locked and logging in to Vivaldi services will no longer be possible. Some blocking, for example due to misbehaviour on the Forum, is done manually by Forum admins and moderators. Other, such as spamming in Webmail, is mostly done automatically by our antispam filters.

If you feel this blocking has been done in error, please reach out to us and explain what happened. We’ll look into the issue.

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