Export Vivaldi account data

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The Vivaldi account gives you access to multiple different Vivaldi services. This means that exporting data is service-specific and has to be done separately for each service you use.

If you’re looking for instructions for importing and exporting Vivaldi browser data, take a look at the help page: Import and export browser data.


Mail: To export your emails from Vivaldi Webmail, it’s best to set up your mail account in a mail client and download all the emails. If the mail client doesn’t detect server settings automatically, you can find the settings on our Vivaldi.net webmail help page.
To transfer emails from one mail account to another, set up both accounts in the same mail client and copy the emails from one account’s mail folders to another account’s mail folders.
To download a single email click on More > Export after selecting/opening the email you wish to download.

Contacts: On the Contacts page you have two options to export your contacts. Either all of them together or only the selected ones (hold down the Shift or Ctrl / ⌘ key to select multiple contacts). A Vcard (.vcf) file will be saved to your computer.

Calendar: Calendars can be exported as iCalendar (.ics) files from the Calendar page in Vivaldi Mail. If you have multiple calendars, they need to be exported separately.


To export your blog posts, pages and media, on blogs.vivaldi.net go to your blog’s Dashboard > Tools > Export. Select what you want to export and click Download Export File. An XML file will be saved to your computer.


To export forum data, go to your forum profile on https://forum.vivaldi.net/me.  Open the menu on the right side, just below the cover image and select Your Rights & Consent.  It’s possible to export your profile and posts as .csv files and uploaded content as a .zip file.

Vivaldi Social

To export data from Vivaldi Social, go to Preferences > Import and export > Data export or to this link – https://social.vivaldi.net/settings/export. There, you can download the list of accounts you follow, block, have muted, as well as your lists, bookmarks and instances you’ve blocked as CSV files.

To export your posts and uploaded media, click on Request your archive. Wait until the archive is compiled (you’ll be notified via email) and then click Download your archive.


All Sync data is encrypted and can currently only be accessed locally on the devices that have been synced with the Vivaldi.net account. To export your data from the browser, take a look at the Help page about Importing and exporting browser data.