Forum notifications

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If you wish, you can receive notifications on the forum, to your account’s recovery email or both:

  • when someone upvotes your post;
  • when someone you follow posts a topic;
  • when a new reply is posted in a topic you are watching;
  • when someone starts following you;
  • when you receive a chat message;
  • when you receive a group invite;
  • when someone mentions you.

On the forum, to view the latest notifications, click on the bell icon in the top right corner of the page.

New notifications drop down menu

Notification Settings

To change, which notifications to receive and where, go to your account menu > Settings > Notifications & Sounds.

Forum Digest emails

In addition to notifications, you can receive a Digest email with the latest topics. Adjust the frequency in Settings > Email.

Digest emails will be sent to your account’s recovery email.