Private chat on the Forum

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When someone has sent you a private message, you’ll get an unread chat message notification in the top right corner of the forum page. Unread messages will have a pale yellow background.

Unread chat message notifications

Send a message

To send private messages to a community member:

  • Click on the Chat button;
  • Select See all chats;
  • Pick a discussion from the list of previous chats or start typing a username to search for users.

Alternatively, go to the user’s profile, click on the menu below the cover image and select Continue Chat With… .

Create a group chat

To start a group discussion:

  • Open a discussion with one user;
  • Click on Forum chat settings button Settings (top right) > Manage Chat Room to add more members;
  • From chat settings, you can also change the chatroom’s name.

Chat window

If you wish to continue browsing the forum while chatting, opt for the pop-up chat window by clicking on the window toggle in the top right corner. Minimise chat windows to browse the forum. Minimised chats (discussion partner’s avatars or chat bubbles for group chats) will appear in the bottom right corner of the page.

Privacy settings

By default, you can only receive chat messages from users that you follow. To be able to receive private messages from everyone, go to your account menu > Settings > Privacy and untick Only allow chat messages from users I follow.

"Only allow chat messages from users I follow" setting