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The Vivaldi forum is a place to talk about the browser, share customization ideas and clever tricks, troubleshoot bugs, shape the browser’s development and, why not, just talk about tech with like-minded people from around the world.

Forum categories

Topics are divided into 5 main categories with many subcategories.

  • AnnouncementsVivaldi Blog and Snapshot blog comment sections are duplicated in this forum category. You’ll also find news about the Vivaldi community and services here.
  • Support and Troubleshooting – All discussion about the Vivaldi browser on different platforms are found in this category. The best place to discuss bugs and ask for help.
  • Feature Requests – If you have an idea for a feature you’d like to see in the browser, that’s the place to request it. Take a look at our feature request guidelines to give your idea the best chance for getting implemented.
  • Vivaldi Community – Topics about Vivaldi services (forum, webmail, blogs) and accounts are posted here.
  • General Discussion – Welcoming new members, customization tips and anything that doesn’t fit in the above categories is welcome in the General Discussion category.
  • Local forums – Bigger non-English speaking communities have their own category, where they can have discussions in other languages.

Watching and ignoring categories and topics

To follow or unfollow a category, open it and select your preferred option, Watching or Ignoring, from the drop-down menu above the list of topics. In case the category has subcategories, the menu is between subcategory folders and topics. In addition to watching/ignoring the current category, the change will also apply to all subcategories.

To follow or unfollow a specific topic, look for the same menu in an open topic (see image below). In addition to just Watching and Ignoring, there’s also an option Not Watching.

Menu for watching and ignoring topics

All your Watched topics are listed on You can access it on your profile from the menu on the edge of your cover image > Watched.

Unread & Recent posts

New posts in categories that you watch but haven’t seen before will appear in the Unread section. Fresh watched posts, both read and unread, are listed in the Recent section.

Topic tags

Tags are another good way to find discussions related to topics you’re interested in. When you create a topic, you can also add tags. Please use the existing ones as much as possible.

Popular topics

Most discussed topics of the day / week / month and all time can be found there.

Upvoting posts

If you like or agree with a post you can upvote it.

Voting is most used in the Feature Requests category. We use upvotes to determine the most popular feature requests.

Forum upvoting button

The button will turn green once you’ve cast your vote. You can view the posts you’ve upvoted on It is also available under your profile page if you click on the blue menu button below the cover image.

Every time a post or comment is upvoted, the author’s reputation increases by one point.

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