Set up Vivaldi Webmail’s calendar in calendar clients

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You can always access your calendar from any browser on > Calendar, but you can also set your account up in a desktop calendar client or calendar app on your mobile device.

There are many different calendar clients available. To add your Vivaldi account to a calendar client of your choice, follow the calendar client’s instructions for adding a new account.

Add your Vivaldi account to Vivaldi Calendar

To learn about the browser built-in calendar client, Vivaldi Calendar, check out the help pages about Vivaldi Calendar.

To add your Vivaldi account to Vivaldi Calendar:

  1. Make sure you have a enabled Mail, Calendar and Feeds in Settings > General > Productivity Features.
  2. Go to Settings > Calendar > Calendar Accounts.
  3. Click on Add Account.
  4. Select
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Give the account a name.
  7. Enter your Vivaldi email address to the Username field and your login password to the Password field.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Select which calendars you want synchronize with the Vivaldi Calendar.
  10. Click Save Account.

Add your Vivaldi account to other calendar clients

If the calendar client (or app) you’ve chosen supports CalDAV, then you can add your Vivaldi account’s calendar to that client.

To add your Vivaldi account:

  1. Follow the calendar client/app’s instructions for adding a new account.
  2. If supported, use the client’s auto-discovery option. When prompted, enter your Vivaldi email address [email protected] and the login password.
  3. In case there’s no auto-discovery option and you have to configure the account manually, use the following information:
    • CalDAV server –
    • Server port – 443
    • Server path – /calendars/[email protected]. Depending on the client, you might have to write the username in all lowercase letters.

Vivaldi Webmail’s calendar supports calendar events (vEVENT) as well as tasks/reminders (vTODO). vJOURNAL is not supported.