Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts

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Using Keyboard Shortcuts is a great way to speed up your workflow. Single Key Shortcuts allow even more speed and require less finger gymnastics to reach all relevant keys.

You can view and edit Calendar’s Keyboard Shortcuts in Settings > Keyboard > Calendar.

Available Shortcuts:

  • D – Day View
  • W – Week View
  • N – Multiweek View
  • M – Month View
  • Y – Year View
  • A – Agenda View
  • K or Page ↓ – View Next Period
  • J or Page ↑ – View Previous Period
  • T or Home – View Today
  • Alt + Page ↑ – Zoom View In
  • Alt + Page ↓ – Zoom View Out
  • C – Create Event
  • G – Go to Date
  • / – Search in Calendar
  • R – Refresh Calendar
  • Delete – Delete Event

To disable Single Key Shortcuts in Mail and Calendar:

  1. Go to Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts.
  2. Disable Mail and Calendar Single Key Shortcuts.

If you have your hand more on the mouse than on the keyboard, you can also create Mouse Gestures for all of the commands listed above. Click here to learn how to add new Mouse Gestures.