Calendar Panel

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Open the Calendar Panel

To access the Calendar Panel:

In the Calendar Panel you can:

  • View events in day, week and agenda view.
  • Add, edit and delete events.
  • Open Calendar in a Tab.

Add, edit and delete events in the Panel

To add a new event in the Calendar Panel:

  1. (Double-)click on a free area in the calendar view.
  2. Enter the title, time and other information.
  3. Click Done or press Enter to save the event.

To edit an event:

  1. Click on it to open the event editor.
  2. Make the changes.
  3. Click Done or press Enter to save the event.

To delete an event:

  • Click on the event to open the event editor and click Delete.
  • Right-click on the event and select Delete Event.
  • Navigate to the event using your keyboard and press Delete, when the event is highlighted.

Tip! Use arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate between timeslots, days and events.
Press Enter to add or edit an event, Tab and Shift+Tab to move between event information fields and Enter again to save changes or Esc to cancel.

Navigate between time periods

To go to the next and previous date ranges:

  • Click on the arrow buttons in the top right of the panel.
  • Use arrow keys to move between the timeslots and continue pressing the same key to jump to next date range. For example, press the right key to go to the next day or keep pressing the down arrow to go to the next date range in week view.

To focus on today, click on the Today button.

To go further back or forward in time:

  1. Click on the currently shown time period on top of the panel.
  2. Use the arrows on both sides of Today to move to the previous or next period.
  3. Click on the date (range) to open it.