Keyboard Shortcuts

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Most things can be done in Vivaldi with the keyboard alone, such as opening, closing and switching Tabs, toggling the visibility of UI elements and creating Notes.

Adding or editing shortcuts

  • Go to Settings > Keyboard to start adding or editing shortcuts.
  • Delete a keyboard shortcut hover the mouse cursor over the shortcut and click the Delete button Clear Shortcut button to the right of the input field.
  • To edit a shortcut, place the cursor in the input field and enter the preferred key sequence.
  • To reset the default keyboard shortcut, hover over the shortcut and click on Reload button Restore Default Shortcut.
List of keyboard shortcuts in Settings

While browsing, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F1 / ⌘ F1 to view a cheat sheet of all the available keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcut cheat sheet

To learn about Webpage Access Key Shortcuts, check out the Help Page here.

Keyboard modifiers

There are many useful actions that can be done using the keyboard keys together with the mouse. Here’s a few:

  • Ctrl / and a mouse click on a link will open the link in a new background Tab.
  • Shift and a mouse click will open the link in a new foreground Tab.
  • Ctrl / + Shift and a click will open the link in a new Window.
  • Ctrl / and a mouse scroll can be used to Zoom the page in or out.
  • Alt with a mouse scroll will display the Tab Cycler.


Try using keyboard shortcuts to Capture a screenshot in Vivaldi

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