There are four ways to adjust the zoom in Vivaldi. Choose if you want to zoom:

  1. Only one page (Zoom in toolbar), or
  2. using shortcuts, or
  3. on every page (in Vivaldi settings), or
  4. Vivaldi’s interface (in Vivaldi settings)

1. Zoom with the slider in the Status Bar

Use the slider in the toolbar. Click reset to reset the zoom to the default value. This will only zoom the selected page.

Zoom slider

2. Zoom with keyboard shortcuts

Use the Ctrl + / ⌘ + shortcut to zoom in and Ctrl - / ⌘ -  to zoom out of a page. The shortcut can be edited in Vivaldi settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts.

3. Zoom every page from setting

Change the default zoom level of every page you visit by using the slider to:
Vivaldi settings -> Webpages -> Default Webpage Zoom.

Webpage zoom setting

4. Zoom the user interface

Change the default zoom level by using the slider to:
Vivaldi settings -> Appearance -> User Interface Zoom.

Zoom user interface setting