Access Vivaldi Settings

There are multiple ways to access Settings in Vivaldi. One option is to open Settings icon Settings from the bottom of the side Panel.

Settings icon location

Windows and Linux: menu item Tools > Settings or the Keyboard Shortcut Alt P 

macOS: menu item Vivaldi > Preferences or the keyboard shortcut ⌘ ,

Settings are divided into sections. It is possible to display all settings at once by choosing Display All section located at the bottom of the list.

Search for the setting you want to modify by entering its term in the search field above the section list. Many settings will be applied immediately; however, if a restart of the browser is needed for changes to be applied it will be denoted next to setting as applicable.

Tip 🙂

You can choose to open the Settings in a new Tab instead of a separate window under Appearance > Window Appearance > Open Settings in a Tab.

Appearance settings window


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