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With Vivaldi’s Quick Commands feature you can do various calculations in a blink of an eye.

Open Quick Commands by pressing F2 / ⌘ E on your keyboard and start typing the equation. For example, “5166/123”, “sqrt 9”, etc.

The solution will appear below the input field and in a faded color also after the equation in the input field. When you press Enter, the solution will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

Types of calculations currently available:

  • Addition (x+y)
  • Subtraction (x-y)
  • Multiplication (y*z or y x z)
  • Division (x/y)
  • Remainder (x%y)
  • Power / exponentiation (x^y)
  • Root (sqrt x)
  • Factorial (x!)
  • Logarithms (ln x, log x, log10 x)
  • Trigonometric functions (sin x, cos x, tan x)
  • Inverse trigonometric functions (asin x, acos x, atan x)
  • Hyperbolic functions (sinh x, cosh x, tanh x)
  • Inverse hyperbolic functions (asinh x, acosh x, atanh x)
  • Round up/down/nearest (ceil x, floor x, round x)
  • Absolute / magnitude (abs x)