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With Vivaldi’s Quick Commands feature you can do various calculations in a blink of an eye.

Open Quick Commands by pressing the F2 key on your keyboard and start typing the equation. The solution will appear below the input field. When you press Enter, the solution will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

Types of calculations currently available:

  • Addition (x+y)
  • Subtraction (x-y)
  • Multiplication (y*z or y x z)
  • Division (x/y)
  • Remainder (x%y)
  • Power / exponentiation (x^y)
  • Root (sqrt x)
  • Factorial (x!)
  • Logarithms (ln x, log x, log10 x)
  • Trigonometric functions (sin x, cos x, tan x)
  • Inverse trigonometric functions (asin x, acos x, atan x)
  • Hyperbolic functions (sinh x, cosh x, tanh x)
  • Inverse hyperbolic functions (asinh x, acosh x, atanh x)
  • Round up/down/nearest (ceil x, floor x, round x)
  • Absolute / magnitude (abs x)

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