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Downloads are added and managed through the Downloads Panel.

Accessing downloads

To open the Downloads Panel, either:

  • Click on the Downloads Panel button in the side Panel;
  • Go to Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu > View > Downloads Panel;
  • Use the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl Shift D / ⌥ ⌘ L;
  • Type “Downloads Panel” in Quick Commands;
  • Use a Mouse Gesture (create the gesture for the action in Settings > Mouse > Gesture Mapping).

Organising downloaded files

  • All downloaded files by default are listed chronologically with file name and size.
  • Find the newest downloaded file at the bottom of the list in the panel.
  • Search for any previously downloaded file in the search field at the top panel toolbar.
  • All downloads can be sorted by name, type, size, date added, date finished and by address.
  • The clickable arrow indicates whether the sorting order is ascending or descending.
Downloads Panel with one finished and one ongoing download

Restarting an unfinished download

  1. Select the unfinished downloaded file in the list.
  2. Click the panel-delete-button Restart button located next to the search input field.

Managing downloads

panel-add-buttonStop a file download in progress
panel-add-buttonResume selected download
panel-folder-buttonRemove selected download
panel-delete-buttonClear list of inactive downloads
panel-delete-buttonRestart the selected download

Accessing downloaded files

You can open the downloaded file by double clicking on the item in the Downloads Panel or right clicking on the item and selecting Open File/Open in… .

To open the files location, click on Search button Show in File Manager/Show in Finder on the right of the file title or right click on the file listing and select Show in File Manager/Show in Finder.

Setting the folder path for downloaded files

Go to Settings > Downloads.

Download settings

In case you collect all your downloaded files in the same folder, tick the box for Save Files to Default Location Without Asking to save files automatically.

If you tick the box for Update Default Location When Choosing Save as Location,  the default location will be updated every time you choose a new folder in the Save As window.

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