In Vivaldi, you can decide how you’d like to open, close and reopen recently closed Tabs. This article lists the options available to you.

Tab bar

Opening Tabs

There are several ways to open a new Tab:

  • Click New Tab [+] button at the end of the Tab Bar;
  • Go to Vivaldi menu button menu > File and select New Tab;
  • Type New Tab in Quick Commands;
  • Use the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl T on Windows and Linux, or ⌘ T on macOS;
  • Perform the New Tab Mouse Gesture: Right-click + Swipe down.

To open links in new Tabs:

  • Hold down the Shift key, while clicking a link;
  • Select Open in New Tab from the right-click context menu;
  • Perform the Open Link in New Tab (Over a Link) Mouse Gesture: right-click + swipe down.

There are also several ways to open a link in a new Background Tab:

  • Press and hold the Ctrl /  key while clicking a link;
  • Right-click a link and then select Open Link in Background Tab from the context menu;
  • Click a link with the middle mouse button;
  • Perform the Open Link in Background Tab (Over a Link) Mouse Gesture: Right-click + Swipe down and up.

Open previous/next page in a new Tab

To open the previously visited page or the page you’ve navigated back from in a new Tab, hold down the Ctrl/Cmd key and click on the History back button Back button to open the previous URL or the History forward button Forward button to open the next URL.

To open a link further back/forward in the Tab history in a new Tab right click on the History back button Back or History forward button Forward button and while holding down the Ctrl/Cmd key click a link on the list.

Closing Tabs

To close a Tab:

  • Click [x] Close button that appears when hovering your mouse pointer over the Tab;
  • Go to the application File menu and choose Close Tab;
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl W / ⌘ W.

Close multiple Tabs:

  • Select the Tabs you wish to close using the Shift or Ctrl/⌘ key and select Close # Tabs from the right-click context menu.

To close other Tabs:

Instead of closing multiple Tabs one by one, right-click the active Tab and select, whether to:

  • Close Tabs to the right;
  • Close Tabs to the left, or
  • Close all other Tabs (alternatively: Alt + click on active Tab’s close button);
  • When you’ve selected the Tabs you want to keep open, select Close Other (# Unselected Tabs) to close the rest.

Reopening recently closed Tabs

The tab-trash-icon Closed Tabs button, located at the far end of the Tab Bar and in the Window Panel, contains a list of previously closed Tabs and Windows within the latest session.

To reopen a Tab, open the tab-trash-icon Closed Tabs menu and click on the Tab you want to reopen.

It’s also a good place to look for your Tabs and Windows if, for some reason, the browser didn’t open with your previous session (after a crash for example). Please note that multiple browser restarts will erase the Closed Tabs history.

For a complete overview of visited pages, visit History by:

  • Going to Vivaldi menu button menu > Tools > History menu;
  • Clicking History on the top menu on the Start Page, or
  • Using the Keyboard Shortcut CTRL H / ⌘ Y.


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