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The History tool in Vivaldi is somewhat different than in a typical browser – instead, Vivaldi’s History is a detailed overview backed by statistics and presented in a fresh, visual way. It was built to give users a powerful and useful tool to explore their browsing patterns and to make finding previously visited sites easier than ever.

Browsing History in Vivaldi

Accessing History

To open the History page:

History Panel in the Vivaldi browser

Using History in Vivaldi

History offers a number of different views and ways to filter your browsing history data in Vivaldi. Get an overview and a few examples with the video below:

Clear Browsing Data

Clearing browsing data can be done from the History page by clicking the Clear Browsing Data button in the top-right of the History page.

Alternatively, open the Delete Browsing Data window:

  • From Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu > Tools > Delete Browsing Data;
  • By clicking the Clear Browsing Data button in the top-right corner of the History Panel;
  • By typing “Delete Browsing Data” in Quick Commands;
  • Using the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl Shift Del / ⇧ ⌘ ⌫;
  • Creating a Mouse Gesture for the action.
Clear browsing data in Vivaldi browser


  • The time range
    • Past Hour
    • Past Day
    • Past Week
    • Past 4 Weeks
    • Everything
  • Which elements of the stored browsing data to delete
  • And confirm by clicking Delete.
Clear Private Data menu in Vivaldi


History data is strictly private and stored locally to individual Vivaldi installations – Vivaldi Technologies does not collect any History data from browser users. Find out more about Vivaldi’s Privacy policies and terms here.