The Address Bar is one of the most important and frequently used elements in your browser.  Continue reading to learn more about:

What’s on the Address Bar?

  • History back and forward
    “Long-click” or right-click on either of the history navigation buttons to bring up the sub-menu, then Ctrl + click or middle mouse button click on an entry to open it in a new tab.
  • Fast Forward and Rewind
  • Reload / Stop loading current page
  • Home
    Change the homepage in Settings > Startup > Homepage.

  • Address field
    Use the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl/⌘ + L to focus on the address field. Enable/disable searching in the address field in Settings > Search.
  • Site info
    You can tell from the icon on the left side of the Address Field whether a site is Secure (padlock icon) or Not secure (globe icon). Clicking on the icon will open a menu with additional site settings for Cookies, Notifications, Certificates, etc. 
    Start dragging from the Site Info button to your desktop or file folder, to create a webpage shortcut.
  • Typed history
    View recently used search terms and typed links. During a search, the drop-down will show related results from Frequently Visited Pages, Typed History,  Bookmarks, and History. Availability and displayed categories can be changed in Settings > Address Bar > Address Field Drop-Down Menu.
  • Reader view

  • Add a bookmark

  • Search field
    Click on the magnifying glass to switch the search engine. Click on the arrow on the right to view search history.
  • Extensions

Address Bar location

You can choose to display the Address Bar at the top or bottom of the browser window. You can select this in Settings > Address Bar > Address Bar Position.

Show / Hide Address Bar

To toggle the Address Bar visibility go to Settings > Address Bar. Alternatively, set a Keyboard Shortcut or Mouse gesture for the action in Settings.

Customize the Address Bar

All buttons on the Address Bar can be removed by right-clicking on the button > Customize > Remove From Toolbar. To hide the Search field go to Settings > Search and uncheck the box for Show Search Field in Address Bar.

To reset the changes right-click on a button > Customize > Reset Toolbar to Default. In case you’ve removed all of the buttons, go to Settings > Appearance > Window Appearance > Toolbar Customization > Reset Navigation Toolbar.

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