Speed Dials in Vivaldi allow you to quickly access your favorite websites from the Start Page. You can customise the Bookmarks included in your Speed Dial, or add custom Speed Dials and folders to organize your content.

How to add bookmarks to the Speed Dial

  • Click the big ‘+‘ button on the Speed Dial page.

Add a new bookmark to Speed Dial

  • Type a website address, or choose one from the suggestions in the bottom panel.

How to delete a Speed Dial bookmark

Hover briefly on the bookmark thumbnail then click on the ‘X’ in the upper right corner to remove the link from your Speed Dial.

How to set any bookmark as a Speed Dial

Copy or move the bookmark to the Speed Dial bookmark folder in the Bookmarks Panel.

How to organize your Speed Dials using folders

Click the ‘+ button as if you were adding a new Bookmark to your Speed Dial, then click the ‘New Folder‘ button.

How to create a new Speed Dial

Click the + button on the Start Page navigation located next to Bookmarks and History entries to add new Speed Dial.

Tip: Any existing bookmark folder can be set as a Speed Dial. Select any bookmark folder in Bookmarks Panel and check Use as Speed Dial option.

How to change the background of the Speed Dial page

  1. Go to Setting / Preferences > Start Page.
  2. Tick the Show Background Image box.
  3. Choose between the pre-set backgrounds or add your own background image.

Start Page Settings

Other Speed Dial Settings

In Settings > Start Page, you can adjust other aspects of Speed Dial behaviour such as:

  • Toggle display of Speed Dial titles to always show, never show or only show when needed.
  • Show/Hide the ‘Add‘ button to free up screen real estate
  • Change the maximum number of columns that display

Speed Dial Settings