With Speed Dial in Vivaldi, quickly access your favorite websites.

How to:

1. Add bookmarks to the Speed Dial

  • Click the big ‘+‘ button on the Speed Dial page.
  • Type a website address, or choose one from the suggestions in the bottom panel.

How to add a website to Speed Dial

2. Delete a Speed Dial bookmark

Click on the cross on the upper right corner of the bookmark thumbnail.

3. Set any bookmark as a Speed Dial

Copy or move bookmark to the Speed Dial bookmark folder in the Bookmark Panel.

4. Organize your Speed Dials

Click the + button as if you were adding a new website to a Speed Dial and click the New Folder button below the address field.


5. Create a new Speed Dial

Click the + button on the Start Page navigation located next to Bookmarks and History entries to add new Speed Dial.

Tip: Any existing bookmark folder can be set as a Speed Dial. Select any bookmark folder in Bookmarks Panel and check Use as Speed Dial option.

How to change the background of the Speed Dial page

  1. Go to Setting / Preferences > Start Page.
  2. Tick the Show Background Image box.
  3. Choose between the pre-set backgrounds or add your own background image.

Vivaldi's settings for its startpage