Jump to the next page with Vivaldi's Fast Forward feature

Fast Forward

Fast Forward allows you to jump to the next page of a site that contains several pages on or scroll down a page like reading posts on Facebook or navigating through results on Duckduckgo.

For example, when searching something using search engine such as Bing or Google, click on the “Fast Forward” button in the Address Bar to go to the next result page instead of scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the result page to hit Next.


Go back in one click to the first page if you’ve browsed several pages on a same website.

For example, if you visit a search engine site such as Bing or Google and search for something. You look for it on Page 1, then Page 2 and then Page 3, etc. Let’s say you are on Page 5, by hitting Rewind button, you can return straight back to Page 1 in a single click.

Cool Tips

Fast Forward and Rewind can be accessed from the main tool bar as well as through Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Gestures.