Reader View

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Vivaldi’s Reader View lets you cut through the noise as you browse. No ads, no pop-ups, just pure content.

Reader View settings in Vivaldi

Enable Reader View

When you’ve found an article that you’d like to read in reader mode:

Once active, the Reader View button on the Address Bar will have a highlighted background.

Below the title you’ll also see a minute counter, estimating how long it will take to read the article.

Reader View Settings

Go to Settings > Webpages > Reader and adjust the Reader View settings, such as font face and size, line height, column width, and color scheme. To enable vertical reader mode, first tick the box for Allow Vertical Text Direction.

Reader View Settings

To access Reader View settings directly on the website:

  1. Make sure Display Settings on Page in Reader Mode has been enabled in Reader settings.
  2. Enable Reader View on the webpage.
  3. Click on the Reader View Forum chat settings button Settings icon at the top right corner of a page.

Reader View icon not showing

If the Reader View button doesn’t show in the Address Bar, the page may not support this feature. Reader View button will only show when the webpage has suitable content.

Exit Reader View

To exit the Reader View: