The Vivaldi browser lets you search the web any way you like. Here’s how.

Search in the Address Field

  1. Go to Settings / Preferences > Search and make sure Show Search Field in Address Bar box is checked.
  2. Type the search term in the Address Field and press Enter.
  3. Vivaldi will display the search results using the default search engine.

Search Bar in Vivaldi

Search Field

You can also search the web using the Search Field in the Address Bar.

  1. Go to Settings / Preferences > Search and make sure the Show Search Field in Address Bar box is checked.
  2. Type the search term in the Search Field in the Address Bar.

Searching in a New Tab

You can have your search results open in a new tab, instead of the current one. This feature could be particularly useful if you’re doing research or need to look up multiple search terms at once.

  1. Go to Settings / Preferences > Search and check the  Always Search in New Tab box.Settings for searching in a new tab.
  2. Type the search term in the Address Field or in the Search Field and press ALT+Enter.
  3. Vivaldi will open a new tab and display search results there.

Available Search Engines

Vivaldi has several search engines available by default.

  • Bing – for searching the web via Microsoft Bing.
  • Yahoo – for searching the web via Yahoo.
  • StartPage – a private way to search Google.
  • DuckDuckGo – a search engine that doesn’t track users.
  • Ecosia – a search engine that plants trees.
  • Wikipedia – for searching the Wikipedia free online encyclopedia
  • Google – for searching the web via Google.

You can set either of these search engines as your default by clicking on the checkbox button that will appear once you hover over the search engine name.

A list of search engines available in the Vivaldi browser

Local versions may include local search engines not listed in this article.

Switching Between Search Engines

  1. Click the magnifying glass button in the Search Field.
  2. Select a search engine you would like to use from the drop-down menu.

Selecting search engine in Address bar

Search Engine Nicknames

Using Search Engine Nicknames, you can quickly switch between one search engine to another just by typing the nickname at the front of your search term.

  1. Get to know the default search engine nicknames in Settings / Preferences > Search.
  2. Start the search with the search engine nickname, followed by Space.  For instance, the search term “s vivaldi browser” will search for “Vivaldi browser” via StartPage.

You can change the default search engine nickname to anything you like.

  1. Hover over the search engine you would like to assign a new nickname to.
  2. Click on the edit button that will appear next to the search engine nickname.
  3. Enter the new nickname in the nickname field under Edit Search Engine.

Settings for changing the search engine nickname in Vivaldi


Adding a New Search Engine

Vivaldi lets you add your preferred search engines in a few simple steps.

  1. Go to Settings / Preferences > Search.
  2. Under Search Engines, click on Add New Search Engine. 
  3. Enter the new search engine URL, Description (name) and Nickname.
  4. Click Add.

Settings for adding a new search engine in Vivaldi

You can also add a new search engine by right-clicking the search input field of any website and choosing Add as Search Engine from the drop-down menu.

Drop-down menu from a search input field