Search the web

  • Type the search term in the address field or the search field next to it.
  • The search field can be disabled in Settings.
  • Search from address field can be disabled in Settings as well.

Search Bar in Vivaldi

How do I change the search engine?

  • Switch between search engines by clicking the magnifying glass button in the search field.
  • Search engines can also be changed by starting the search with the search engine nickname. For instance, the search term “g vivaldi browser” will search for “Vivaldi browser” on Google.

Selecting search engine in Address bar

How do I manage search engines?

  • Add new search engines in Settings > Search
  • Each search engine can be assigned a nickname. That allows search with specific search engine directly from the address field. Type the nickname followed by a search term.
  • Set any search engines as preferred default.
  • Edit or delete existing search engines.

Add a custom search engine in Vivaldi



Add a search engine by right-clicking the search input field of any website and choosing Add as search engine as shown below.

Adding Twitter as a search engine in Vivaldi from context menu