Importing and Exporting emails

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After staring to use Vivaldi mail, you might want to bring your old emails with you, so you can continue using email from where you left off. Here’s how.

Importing mail from another account

Setting up both accounts

The best way to move all of your emails from your current mailbox to Vivaldi is to set up both Vivaldi account and your current email provider’s account using IMAP in an email client of your choice (e.g. Vivaldi Mail).

Follow your mail client’s instructions for adding new IMAP accounts. If you need to enter Vivaldi’s server settings manually, check out our Help Page about setting up your Vivaldi mail in a mail client.

Moving the emails from one account to another

Once you have set both accounts up, you can move emails from your current email service provider’s IMAP folders to Vivaldi’s IMAP folders. To move emails:

  1. Select the emails using Ctrl/Shift key or by other means available in the mail client;
  2. Right-click on one of the selected emails and select either Move to or Copy to (path and labels may vary).
  3. Select the corresponding Vivaldi folder as the destination.

To move whole folders full of emails, hold down the Ctrl key and drag the folder to Vivaldi’s Inbox folder.

If the suggestions above don’t work in your mail client, please refer to that mail client’s help documentation for moving emails.

After you have moved all the emails, you can use the Vivaldi webmail interface on, continue using the mail client and add your Vivaldi account to other mail clients (e.g. mail app on your phone).

If you’re keeping the other account active and it allows automatic forwarding, you can set up email forwarding from the previous account to your Vivaldi email. That way you don’t have to manually check the old mailbox.

Exporting emails

To export all your emails from Vivaldi to another mail account, do the same as with Importing emails. Set up both accounts in a mail client and copy the emails and folders from Vivaldi to the destination mailbox.

Downloading emails

To download a single email:

  • Open the email;
  • Click on More (. . . ) on the menu above the mail view;
  • select Export;
  • Save the email as an .eml file.

Downloading all emails

Downloading more than one email at a time is, unfortunately, not possible in the Vivaldi webmail interface.

To download emails in bulk:

  1. Set your Vivaldi account in a mail client;
  2. Select the emails you want to download;
  3. Right-click on one of the emails and select Save as/Download;

Depending on the mail client, the instructions may vary. If the above doesn’t work, refer to your mail client’s help documentation for downloading emails.