Vivaldi gives you a free webmail account at No ads and no strings attached.

Your webmail

  • Storage capacity: 5GB
  • Maximum attachment size: 20 MB
  • Self-learning spam filter

Get started

To get started with your webmail account:

  1. Go to
  2. To log in, use your username and password.

Import mail from another account

  1. The best way to move all of your emails from your current provider is to set up your email client (e.g. Opera M2, Thunderbird, etc.) with both webmail and your current email providers account using IMAP. Once you set up both, you can move emails from your current mail provider’s IMAP folder to Vivaldi Mail IMAP folder.
  2. After you move all the emails, you can use webmail web interface. If you want to move sent emails, don’t forget to move the email in Sent folder or similarly named IMAP folder.
  3. After the migration, you can also configure your email provider to forward all incoming emails to your Vivaldi Mail address to avoid checking multiple accounts.

Setting up Vivaldi webmail in your mail client

In your desktop or mobile email client create a new IMAP mailbox account using the following settings:

IMAP Server Settings
  • Server Type: IMAP Mail Server
  • Server Name:
  • Port: 993
Security Settings
  • Connection security: SSL/TLS
  • Authentication method: Plain password
SMTP Settings
  • Server Name:
  • Port: 465
Security Settings
  • Connection security: SSL/TLS
  • Authentication method: Password
  • Username/Password: same as IMAP settings