Having trouble logging in to your Vivaldi account? Read on for a few trouble-shooting tips and how to get in touch with us if you need a hand.

Error message after submitting the registration form

  • Try disabling Extensions (especially privacy, security and/or content blocking extensions) to see, if any of them hinder the browser’s work.
  • Make sure Cookies for Vivaldi.net sites have not been blocked.
  • Clear Cookies & Storage, Cache, and Application cache from History.

Haven’t received the account confirmation email?

  • Make sure a valid email address was entered in the registration form.
  • Check all mailbox folders, including the Spam folder, for an email with the title “Vivaldi.net – Account Confirmation”.
  • Occasionally, email service providers queue emails, so the email might arrive in your Inbox with a delay.

If you’re sure that the email is correct, but the email hasn’t been delivered, send yourself a new confirmation email.

In case you might have made a typo in the recovery email or gave an invalid email, please contact us with your account’s username, the email you signed up with and what the email address should be.

Account confirmation failed?

After clicking the confirmation link in the email you should see a welcome message and a list of Vivaldi’s services you can now start using. If instead you see a message saying ‘Account confirmation failed‘ or any other error, first try logging in despite of the message. If login works, it’s possible that the account got confirmed, but the wrong message was shown. This could happen, for example, if the confirmation link was clicked more than once. The account got activated the first time, but the message shown was for the second click.

If login doesn’t work, then the account confirmation really was unsuccessful. It will fail, for example, when the confirmation link has expired. In that case you’ll see a link to resend the account confirmation email in the error message (on vivaldi.net and forum.vivaldi.net).

Log in issues

  • Make sure you activated the account  through a link in the confirmation email that was sent to your account’s recovery email, before trying to log in.
  • For login it’s best to use your username, but your Vivaldi email address is also accepted. In case you can’t remember the username, send a username reminder to your recovery email address.
  • Reset the password with your username.
    • In case the account is locked because you had used the wrong password too many times, wait for 5 minutes and reset the password then.
  • Delete Cookies following the instructions in the video:

  • If the page loads slowly, try to be patient and give it time to load.

None of the above was helpful?

Contact Vivaldi Support

Make sure to include:

  • The account’s username, recovery/contact email address and
  • As many details about the issue as possible. For example, where you tried to log in (forum, blogs, webmail or sync), what the error message said, etc.


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